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Monday, 26 February 2018

How To Make Banana Chips

Banana Chips

Banana Chips is a very easy vegetarian snack recipe which are normally prepared from raw bananas. In fact, there are two kinds of Banana Chips, one is sweetened and the other salty. Here in Mauritius, we mostly eat the salty ones. 

Raw bananas are available all over the year and I prepare the salty one most of the time. We normally eat it with rice accompanied with pulses and side dishes such as Octopus Vindaye but it is mostly appreciated as a snack.

In fact, many recipes can be prepared with raw bananas. These recipes are very tasty and we use to cook them quite often as raw bananas are easily available here. 

What You Can Do With Raw Bananas?

You may also use raw bananas to make:

Raw Banana Chutney
Raw Banana Curry
Raw Banana Fricasse
Grated Raw Banana prepared with Pickle's Spices

The Salted Banana Chips can be taken as snack any time you wish. They are very easy to prepare and at the same time very tasty too. You can get them ready made online too but it's real fun is when you cook them at home yourself and serve your family. If you love snacks, then you will definitely love this one too.

Tell me, are you looking for Banana Chips Recipe?

Well, I am going to share with you this recipe and I'm sure you will really love them too if you have never tasted before.

Banana Chips Recipe

  • 6 Raw Bananas
  • 1 teaspoon of Turmeric Powder
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil for deep frying
  • Chilli Powder to taste
  • First, you have to wear a pair of gloves so that your hands don't get stained by the raw bananas.
  • Peel the raw bananas and put them in a vessel along with water, salt and turmeric powder so that they don't change into dark colour. The turmeric will give them a yellowish texture.
  • Cut the bananas into fine slices or you can even grate them too.
  • Put a few at a time in hot oil, otherwise, they will stick together and you won't have them well cooked.
  • Deep fry until crisp.
  • Remove and drain them on a tissue paper so as to take out the excess oil.
  • Let the slices cool down and then add salt and chilli powder.
  • You can store them in an air-tight container so that they don't loose their crispy feel.

Benefits of Bananas

Banana, whether it is raw or ripe, is very effective for good health.

It has many benefits, such as, it can give an instant boost of energy and it can also prevent many illnesses such as Blood Pressure, Hangovers, Anaemia, Constipation, Morning Sickness, Stress and Heartburn

So, it is advised to eat at least one banana per day.

Banana Chips

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