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Thursday, 13 February 2020

Why Is Realization So Important?

Why Is Realization So Important?
If you observe well, most people don’t realize what they are doing. For example, sometimes they don’t even realize that they are doing the wrong actions. For them, it’s right and although their dear ones may tell them the contrary, they won’t accept it. They think that they are right.

What makes them think like that? What is blocking them to realize the truth? What is blocking them to realize that what they are doing is wrong? It’s just because they haven’t developed their realization power.

Yes, you may be reading this for the first time but the fact is that the realization power also has to be developed so that you can live a better life. Therefore, why is realization so important? Stay tuned, you are going to know about it here.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

How The Subconscious Mind And Awareness Function

How The Subconscious Mind And Awareness Function
There is a big difference between the subconscious mind and awareness. Maybe you are not aware of this difference as you have nourished a habit of thinking before being in action most of the time.

You don’t even pay notice to what is happening in your mind, whether you are the one who is creating the thoughts that are present there or the mind is the one which is not only creating those thoughts but it is also confusing you.

In fact, you don’t even know whether you are functioning from those thoughts consciously or unconsciously. This knowledge is very important for your own benefit and here you are going to learn the difference between the subconscious mind and awareness. This is going to help you a lot in understanding the nature of your mind and how you normally function from within.

Friday, 7 February 2020

How To Develop Your Mental Strength Rightly

How To Develop Your Mental Strength Rightly
There are many ways you can develop your mental strength but what you must consider the most is whether you are developing it the right way or not. Yes, this happens to many people. They think that they are developing their mental strength but in reality, what they are doing is that they are just ruining their own lives.

Here, you will come to know about how you are ruining your life by developing your mental strength wrongly and what you need to do in order to develop it rightly.

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Do You Understand Your Mind?

Do You Understand Your Mind?
I have written a lot about the mind but it still seems that many have not understood the function of the mind. Know that in order for you to function well, you need to know how your mind functions. It’s very important.

When you know how your mind functions, then it will be easier for you to understand it. Always remember that the key to progress is deep understanding. If you don’t have a deep understanding, then you will not be able to function rightly. You will always find yourself in problems whether it is academically, professionally, in relationships or even personally.

Here, you will learn how to understand your mind in-depth.

Friday, 4 October 2019

How Women Must Design Their Lives

How Women Must Design Their Lives
When I say that women must design their own lives, it doesn’t mean that they have to make comparison rather it is about living the life they want to design for themselves.

Here, the way women want to live their lives is different from men and that’s why I said that there is no comparison to make. The main focus is to know your true nature and develop it. Be like a woman not like a man because you are unique in yourself.

Take the steps that you find right for yourself but always do that with awareness because if you do things as per your thoughts or feelings, you will definitely do them the wrong way. In fact, there is a lot to learn in order that you can be the woman who is truly happy with yourself.

Thursday, 3 October 2019

The Challenges That Women Face In Life

The Challenges That Women Face In Life
Being a woman myself, I know what challenges I went through and this took me so many years before I realized how unaware I was. I was not aware of my own abilities and capabilities because I was just living life as it came to me. I even didn’t know and understand myself.

I didn’t know at that time that I have the strength to design my own life. In fact, I didn’t have that knowledge and support too. It’s like you just follow the routines without even progressing in life. 

I learned my life lessons and everything changed till then. Life is peaceful and blissful for me. This is why it is a must for you to know about the challenges that women face in life so that you don’t waste so many years just like me.

The earlier you are aware of these challenges, the best for you. This is because the earlier you start to design the life you want, the earlier you will start enjoying life and you won’t have any complaints too.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

How Your Actions Can Influence Your Life

How Your Actions Can Influence Your Life
Have you ever asked yourself how your actions are influencing your life? Many won’t even see that this can happen too because they are so busy with their daily schedules and thoughts that they don’t pay attention to what they are doing, what are causing problems for them or even what is making them successful.

"It’s not about failure or success. It is rather about what caused that failure and what boosted you to be successful." - Mrinalini Eroolen

Therefore, if you stop what you are doing now and just ponder on the ‘what’ and ‘why’, you will definitely come to know where you have gone wrong which results into failure and what you have done well which results into success. This is why you need to know how your actions can influence your life and from here, you can improve yourself.

How To Turn The Right Mindset Into Actionable Steps

How To Turn The Right Mindset Into Actionable Steps
Have you ever noticed how many times you have had an idea and you didn’t put it into action? Maybe you are not aware that you have the source of ideas within you. Yes, you have unlimited ideas which could have materialized to better your life.

You could have created a lot of surprising things with those ideas but the fact is that you either don’t know about this or when the ideas pop up one by one, you didn’t pay attention to them or even you could have even said to yourself that you are not capable enough to materialize them.

This is why you need to know how to turn the right mindset into actionable steps. Materialize your ideas and see the difference.

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Why Do You Need To Create A Positive Mindset?

Why Do You Need To Create A Positive Mindset?
You will find that most people talk about positive thinking but it’s not that easy to convert a negative thought into a positive one. 

It needs regular practice for that. You will need to work on your inner powers in order to do that and now, if you don’t know how to use your inner powers, then it is another problem for you.

I know it feels like a hard thing to do, but what to do? If you want to live a peaceful and prosperous life, you will definitely have to work on yourself. There’s no other way for that. 

Understand that no one else can live your life. You only own it and can create it the way you want it to be. This is why you will need to, first, work on your inner powers and then create a positive mindset.

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

What Are The Best Keys To A Well-Lived Life?

Best Keys To A Well-Lived Life
Have you lived a well-lived life till now? I’m sure you haven’t asked this question to yourself yet. 

I’m not asking you to think about your past rather you must already know about it. So, just stay still where you are and observe yourself

What can you find, are you fully self-satisfied with what you have done up to now? 

How about where you are now, are you fully satisfied with the life you are living? If not, then don't worry, there are some best keys to a well-lived life which you are going to find here.

Monday, 25 March 2019

How To Trust Yourself And Be Stronger

Trust Yourself
The first thing that you should ask yourself is whether you trust yourself. You will find that you get easily drawn towards the crowd that you forget about yourself. 

You get easily inspired and attracted by what others are doing while neglecting yourself and this cause you to not trust yourself that much rather to trust others more than yourself. 

What does it mean when you don't trust yourself? How do you gain trust in yourself then? 

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Why You Should Never Ignore The Purpose-Driven Mindset?

Purpose-Driven Mindset
If you are among those who are ignoring those who have the purpose-driven mindset or even your own purpose-driven mindset then know that you are actually stopping yourself from being a great leader or even successful in any field in life. 

You may not have realized that when you become a great leader, this means that you have achieved a purpose-driven mindset which can be focused on helping other people as well as to reach to your level of success.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

How To Break Free From Chronic Jealousy

Break Free From Chronic Jealousy
Are you jealous? Do you feel your jealousy increasing gradually? 

If you are unsure about it then you need to check if you are not among those who have chronic jealousy.

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Are You Sure You Are In The Right Mindset For Success?

Right Mindset for Success

By reading this question right now, you must be wondering in what type of mindset you are. You may also be wondering what right mindset meaning is. In fact, you have right mindset quotes which can help you in understanding it better.

Maybe, you haven’t paid attention to your mindset till now and you haven’t realized that it is the one which is stopping you from being successful. Maybe, you have been so used to it for so long that you are not even aware of the downfalls that it is taking you to. So, why are you sure that you are in the right mindset?

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Why Playing It Safe Can Ruin Your Life?

Playing It Safe

Choosing the safest option has been the first option for many but have you ever realized that by playing it safe can ruin your life? It’s very easy to play safe and very difficult to take risks but have you ever noticed that by playing it safe, you missed an opportunity which could have made you successful in life?

I am not telling you to try to remember about when you missed that opportunity but as I am saying it, I am sure that you must have remembered it instantly without even trying to look for it in your mind. Here, you will be able to find some examples of playing it safe.

Saturday, 2 March 2019

Why Do You Believe You Are Incapable?

Incapable of

If you are among those who believe that you are incapable of anything that you tried then know that it is absolutely false. 

You are definitely not so, that I can assure you. It is your way of thinking that has put you so down that you are not even aware of you capabilities. 

The first thing that you need to do, if you are in such a situation, is that you need to know why you believe that you are incapable. 

What makes you believe that you are incapable?

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Why Do You Believe That You Are Not Worthy?

How can I be worthy?

There are two ways that it makes you believe that you are not worthy. One is when other people tell you so and the second one is when you think that you are not worthy due to experiences that you had in the past. So, the question here is that why do you believe that you are not worthy? Is it you or what the other person has said that has affected you the most?

Monday, 25 February 2019

Why You Should Never Compare Yourself With Others?

Never Compare Yourself With Others

It may seem very easy to compare yourself with others. Do you know why? This is because you have always had the habit to stay in a certain type of mindset. This type of mindset is your own creation and it is your own choice. So, with this type of mindset, you go on comparing yourself with others which definitely is not good for your well-being. This is why it is very important for you to know why you should never compare yourself with others.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

What Are The Unhealthy Mindsets That Lead To Failure?

Unhealthy Mindsets That Lead To Failure

There are different types of mindsets which also include unhealthy mindsets. If you consider these unhealthy mindsets, you will find that they are the ones which lead you to failure.

>>>Read Also: What Type Of Mindset Do You Have?

Friday, 15 February 2019

What Are The Consequences Of Chronic Negativity?

Consequences Of Chronic Negativity

Do you know what is Chronic Negativity Disorder?

You all may have experienced some people who have the habit of complaining. They complain about many things but you must not have realized that while they were complaining, you were also attracting their negativity at the same time.

Yes, you might be feeling bored with their complaints or even feeling exhausted but in reality, you were just attracting their negativity which caused this exhaustion to happen in you. If you stay longer with them, then you can attract even more negativity in you which can cause health problems as well. This is the consequence of Chronic Negativity Disorder.


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