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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Are You Seeing With Clarity?

Are You Seeing With Clarity?  - The Awareness Weekly Magazine Week 5

Seeing With Clarity

How Are You Seeing Everything?

The world is functioning upside down and if you run after them and be in that crowd, then definitely you will be confused because you too will see everything upside down.

Do you want to live a confused life always?

Do you want to see what the crowd wants you to see or do you want to see with clarity?

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Awareness Quotes On Understanding

Why Is It So Important To Understand?

In life, if you don't make it a must to understand, then life becomes a hell for you. I can say that understanding is one of the greatest keys to a peaceful and blissful life

Understanding is a must whether it is for your own education, job or any activity you are doing. If it is absent, then you won't be able to progress further and even you won't be able to have the right connection with people.


Thursday, 17 May 2018

Is It Possible To Be Emotional Without Thinking?

Is It Possible To Be Emotional Without Thinking? - The Answer Here

Is It Possible To Be Emotional Without Thinking?

Is It Possible To Be Emotional Without Thinking?’ is about how your mind functions in such a way that you are confused. If you are a seeker of TRUTH, then definitely you must be searching within yourself. Here, you will come in contact first with your thoughts, then, if you are strong enough, you will be able to go beyond thoughts.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

How To Improve Your Personality Development

How To Improve Your Personality Development The Right Way

Improve Your Personality Development

You must still be wondering how to improve your personality development because you find out that you need an inner transformation. There is something in you that you don't like such as behaviours, attitudes and the pattern that you have in you. You feel that these are making you weak and you are absolutely right. 

Personality Development

In fact, you find that due to these behaviours and attitudes that you have, you are being neglected or even taken to be inferior. You are even being rejected. You are going through so many bad experiences and this is why you have realized that it's time for you to bring some improvement in your personality.

It's, in fact, a very good idea. There are so many people who don't even realize this and it's great that you have realized it at least otherwise you would not read this article, right?

As you are here, then don't go empty handed. Learn what you have to learn and bring some great improvements in your personality. Break the ice. It's enough for you to have bad experiences and it's time to have great experiences. So, put a full stop to bad experiences and start a new life with new and fresh great experiences which will make you successful.


People find different ways of being successful in life whether it is in their relationships, career or material life. Yes, you can never be successful with just a click. You definitely have to make efforts for that but why although you are making so many efforts but still you are having bad experiences? Know about it here.

In fact, it's not the ways which are found outer that bring success to you. It's by following the right process step by step within. Read about it here.

Life is not meant to have only bad experiences. What you need to do is to bring improvement to your lifestyle. The life you are actually living is not of quality and this is why you are having those bad experiences. 

You may find it difficult to change your behaviours and attitudes just because of the attachment you have with your habits but this does not mean that it is impossible for you.

Nothing Is Impossible

You don't need to go and search for it outside. All the powerful tools are found within you and you just have to use them the proper way. Once you use them the proper way, then you don't have to run after success, in fact, success will come to you. If you want to know about these powerful tools and how to use them, then read it here.

So, how are you going to improve your personality development?

Now, you know what are the powerful tools which are in you already. So, the question here is that how you are going to use them.

You just have to:

  • Look within yourself.
  • Find out the powerful tools that are there already within you.
  • Follow the process while you are in action.
  • Be total in whatever you do.


Do your work as per the process only and this way, you should not worry at all. This is because you will not even target success as it is success which are going to target you.

This way, your behaviours and attitudes will change gradually for the best and you will also notice how paths are opening for you. You will be showered with lots of opportunities and now it's time for you to make your choice. You will no more run after opportunities.


So, as you can see, everything is in you. For example, you buy gardening tools in order to maintain your garden and each of these tools has it's own importance. The same way, your each inner tools has it's own importance. You just have to use them the proper way.

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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

How To Be Totally Devotional

How To Be Totally Devotional - For True Seekers On The Path To TRUTH


How To Be Totally Devotional’ is all about the meaning of devotion and what importance it brings to a real seeker’s lifeDevotion is a deep emotion which is necessary when you are in search for Truth. It helps in making you forget your ego and bring full attention on the one who is guiding you.

Your mind is diverted to the one who is showing you the right path and also who is showering lots of blessings upon you.

Monday, 14 May 2018

The Journey From Awareness To Supreme Awareness

The Journey From Awareness To Supreme Awareness - The Step To Step Instructions

The Journey From Awareness To Supreme Awareness

The Journey From Awareness To Supreme Awareness’ is all about how Awareness guides you in such a way that you finally are in the State of Supreme AwarenessBut for that, you need to be with the flow of Awareness.

In fact, you may not even aware that you are in the Awareness state if you haven’t practice Awareness Techniques but still this does not mean that you are not in this state on and off.

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