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Saturday, 9 September 2017

4 Top Health Benefits Of Lemon Balm Tea

Here you will find the 4 Top Health Benefits Of Lemon Balm Tea. Why Lemon Balm Tea?  Know that lemon is not only refreshing, but lemon balm tea can help you in a wide range of other ways. The fact is that this herbal tea is made from the lemon balm plant, using the flowers for the tea leaves. 

If you are fond of gardening then you can grow the plant in your backyard and make it directly from the flowers, or you can get lemon balm leaves or tea bags already prepared for you.

Health Benefits Of Lemon Balm Tea
Lemon Balm Tea

Health Benefits Of Lemon Balm Tea - Lemon Balm Tea

I'm sure you will love having lemon balm tea as it is a really good tea to have early in the morning. When you need a little pick-me-up, or as something to simply detox and refresh your body, it's lemon balm tea which you must have really. Here are some other health benefits of drinking lemon balm tea.

”Lemon Balm Tea”

Health Benefits of Lemon Balm Tea

1. Helps With Insomnia

Do you have insomnia problem? Like many herbal teas, lemon balm tea can be really helpful if you have trouble of sleeping. This is for a variety of reasons, but often because of how well it can calm your mind and body. Lemon balm tea also helps with some muscle cramps and emotional stress, which can also contribute to your sleeping problems.

2. Relax Your Mind 

Relaxing your mind is very important as your busy day-to-day activities bring you a lot of stress. The first option in order for you to be relaxed is Meditation and the second one is having lemon balm tea. Perhaps you have a lot of work or financial stress thus you are overwhelmed by all your responsibilities at home, or are dealing with a major decision and having difficulty with it. So, you can drink some lemon balm tea and feel more at peace. It helps you to de-stress and sleep a little better.

3. Makes You More Alert 

Lemon tea can work both ways. It does not only help with insomnia, but it can also work the other way and make you more alert. When you drink it in the morning, it can boost your energy and make it easier for you to concentrate.

4. Skin Benefits 

Lemon balm tea has another great advantage. It is great for your skin. It has often been used for skin purposes, from anti aging, to having youthful and glowing looking skin. If you are struggling with early signs of aging, try drinking more lemon balm tea to smooth out those wrinkles and prevent more from forming prematurely. The lemon balm can also help to soften your skin and work to reduce blemishes.

Some other herbal teas to try for healing purposes include turmeric, ginger, peppermint, green and dandelion tea.

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